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5 Tips for Entrepreneurs Creating Their Own Office from Home

With the Covid 19 pandemic, many people now prefer to work from home. What’s more? Most companies have since implemented work from home policies to enhance employee safety and comfort. Entrepreneurs haven’t been left behind, either! With the corona scare, doing business online is a viable option for many. Besides, many shoppers now prefer shopping […]


Pandemic Problems: Remote Learning During the Covid-19 Pandemic

The Covid-19 virus pandemic presents challenges to many educational institutions, according to Judge Napolitano. The largest of these challenges is to find a way to educate their students while trying to keep their them and the facility that teach them healthy. Law schools are not exempt from facing this challenge. Traditionally, law students are taught […]


COVID-19’s Effects on Business Cybersecurity

Since the global pandemic, business cybersecurity is more vulnerable than ever. With more people working from home and businesses having less control over work systems, cyber criminals have taken advantage of unsecured, untested remote networks to wreak havoc on businesses and individuals.  Cyber Attacks on the Rise Cyber Intelligence Centers have witnessed a large increase […]

Business Operations

The COVID-19 Pandemic Proves Why Business Digitization Is Essential

It’s been several months since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. As we all know, the economy has been hit hard. Sectors like manufacturing, travel, automobile, hospitality, and even education have suffered as a result. However, not all sectors were affected in the same manner. In fact, industries and businesses such as digital marketing, cybersecurity, […]