15 of the Creepiest Crimes That Are Still Unsolved

1. The Disappearance of Ashley Freeman and Lauria Bible Charley Project / Via charleyproject.org KOAM-TV / Via youtube.com Where and when: Welch, Oklahoma, in December 1999. What: Ashley Freeman and Lauria Bible disappeared after having a sleepover to celebrate Ashley’s 16th birthday at the Freemans’ mobile home. Why is it so creepy? The next day the Freeman home was set alight […]


Good Dog Saves A Baby Deer From Drowning

Meet Storm, the doggie who didn’t hesitate a second when he saw an unidentified animal drowning in the water and came to the rescue. As the dog approached the helpless creature, it turned out to be an injured baby deer. The whole incident happened when Storm’s owner, Mike Freeley, was taking a walk with his […]


How To Impress Girls With Magic Tricks

Click to unmute A magic trick can be an excellent ice breaker for starting a conversation. Just ask Julius Dein, his magic tricks make you think Harry Potter films were actually documentaries. This 23-year-old Brit, however, also creates other types of videos, mostly social experiments and pranks. His most notable ones include “How to get an internship […]

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Woman Afraid To Leave Her Dog Alone With Dog Sitter Writes Him List Of Rules, And They Go Viral

When Tommy Rivers agreed to look after his auntie’s dog Pepper for a day, the guy was surprised to find out the doggie came with a set of rules. Some of them were so hilarious, it made the whole Internet fall in love with his auntie, and, of course, with Pepper herself! The note she […]


The Best Drone Photos Of 2017 Have Just Been Announced, And They Will Take Your Breath Away

During the past few years, drones have dramatically changed the landscape of photography. So much so that numerous awards, dedicated specifically to aerial photography have emerged. One of them – probably the most prestigious – is Dronestagram (previously here and here), and it has just announced the winners of its 4th annual International Drone Photography […]