Dogs Before And After Their Haircuts.

I am an animal photographer named Grace Chon and these images are from my new photo series titled HAIRY. I’ve always found before and after photos from dog grooming to be really funny. Usually it doesn’t even look like it’s the same dog in each photo! I had the idea of shooting a photo series […]


17 Adorable Animals To Start Your Day

1. Barkley, who announced that this will be the year that he breaks out his genuine ~side eye~. 2. This lil fellow who will warm the hearts of everybody by essentially cuddling with his teddy. 3. What’s more, these two who are at the earliest reference point of the best companionship in doggy history. 4. […]


This dog getting ready to watch some TV is a huge David Attenborough fan

TV watching rituals are important for optimal viewing pleasure and Heidi the dog knows all about it. SEE ALSO: Dogs at polling stations are the only good thing about the UK election In the video above, Heidi’s owner demonstrates how the adorable shepherd reacts when it’s TV time. First, Heidi and her owner arrive home […]