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Law School: Explained

Becoming a lawyer is a difficult path. It involves many years of education, understanding justice, and having a strong commitment. An aspiring lawyer has to take a number of steps to pursue this career. Andrew Napolitano went to law school. In the United States, if an individual wants to be a lawyer, the first step […]

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Economic Predictions in 2021

In many years, understanding the direction of the economic world and underlying financial markets is relatively straight-forward. Professors and students of finance alike can estimate predicted growth or contraction models and identify a relatively reasonable direction. 2021 poses many challenges for the imagined professors and students of finance due to many challenging lingering economic challenges […]


Economic Education

Economics is a very important subject that should be studied by more students; in fact people in general and of all ages should look at the economy more, according to Alex Djerassi. It is a subject that is ingrained in our daily lives whether we recognize and acknowledge it or not. These statements may lead […]

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Real Time Economics: How Long Can the U.S. Economic Expansion Last? ‘Effectively Indefinitely.’

This is the web version of the WSJ’s newsletter on the economy. You can sign up for daily delivery here. Good morning. Today we look at extraordinary U.S. economic growth, rising bond yields, collateral damage in emerging markets, why U.S. worker wages might take a step back in September, and the continuing demise of the shopping mall. […]

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A judge in Arkansas makes $147,000 a year for turning poor people into indentured servants

The dirt-poor residents of a hardscrabble Arkansas county are routinely sent to jail for being broke by a judge who earns $147,000 a year. District Judge Mark Derrick routinely violates core principles of the Constitution and sometimes even flouts black-letter laws of the state itself, a lawsuit filed Thursday by the Lawyer’s Committee for Civil […]


Security tokens will be coming soon to an exchange near you

Sunny Dhillon Contributor Sunny Dhillon is a partner at Signia Venture Partners. More posts by this contributor Amazon’s next conquest will be apparel The rise of experiential commerce While cryptocurrencies have generated the lion’s share of investment and attention to date, I’m more excited about the potential for another blockchain-based digital asset: security tokens. Security […]