Economic Education

Economics is a very important subject that should be studied by more students; in fact people in general and of all ages should look at the economy more, according to Alex Djerassi. It is a subject that is ingrained in our daily lives whether we recognize and acknowledge it or not. These statements may lead […]


Should The Youth Of America Be Taught Personal Finance Grades K-12?

We live in a time when many people are having financial difficulty. We as Americans learn about personal finance as we go along in life. Andrew Napolitano studies the economy. American education teaches many different and valuable things. Personal finance should be taught in schools. Teaching the inner workings of the countries economy need to […]


Preparing For The Future: Repton School On Providing The Right Platform For Students

In our ever-competitive world, many schools are introducing new strands to the education they offer that will expand pupils’ skills sets, ultimately increasing their employability but also better equipping them for life after school. Repton School in Derbyshire is no exception. Preparation for life beyond school is one of the key focuses at Repton. The […]