Eating for Enjoyment: Elderly Care Home Food Management Systems

Tastes in leisure can come and go, but one pleasure source frequently remains constant: meals. Aside from deriving pleasure from the food itself, people enjoy the social aspects and overall experience of eating. Nursing homes want to make sure that every resident has enjoyable experiences, so nursing home food services are trending towards more efficient […]


Remember The 86 Year-Old Badass Grandma? Now Shes 88 And Even More Badass!

Remember Baddie Winkle, the 86-year-old grandma that we wrote 2 years ago? Well, she just celebrated her 88th birthday and she’s as cool and groovy as ever! Baddie now has a whopping 2.1 MILLION followers on Instagram and hangs out with such celebrities as Miley Cyrus or the Kardashians. Living the golden years, we’d say! She’s also […]