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Here’s Why You Should Keep Track Of Your Employee Training Program

For a company to be successful, it needs a strong foundation. This foundation is based on skilled, well-trained and qualified employees working earnestly to achieve the company’s goals. A company must invest in making its employees well-trained by providing learning and development opportunities. Learning programs not only contribute to an employee’s career growth but also […]

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Real Time Economics: How Long Can the U.S. Economic Expansion Last? ‘Effectively Indefinitely.’

This is the web version of the WSJ’s newsletter on the economy. You can sign up for daily delivery here. Good morning. Today we look at extraordinary U.S. economic growth, rising bond yields, collateral damage in emerging markets, why U.S. worker wages might take a step back in September, and the continuing demise of the shopping mall. […]

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The Mother of All Screw-Ups

So you got a job offer that you just can turn down. It’s everything that you wanted but there’s a catch – it requires that you relocate to another country. Uncork that special Chardonnay, pick up the phone, get your friends together and let the good news roll. And then? Sure, you can go cruising […]

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End of Job Interview Questions

A lot of work is involved in getting qualified job candidates for an interview. Using a recruitment system makes finding recruits easier. Then the toughest task is developing a set of interview questions that give the answers needed to help in the hiring decision. You do not want to go into an interview unprepared, or […]