Green Development LLC Looks at 6 Technology Advances in Renewable Energy

Moving to 100% renewable energy over the next 20 to 30 years is feasible but will depend on technology advancements in several areas. Green Development LLC is committed to helping the country’s aggressive net-zero carbon emissions goal become a reality. Highlighted below are six technologies that promise to put our renewable energy aims within reach. […]

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Potential Insurance Bill From Hurricane Florence Could Take Toll on Wallets Far From North Carolina’s Coast

This article was originally published by ProPublica.  For years, North Carolina has bet against a storm like Hurricane Florence. Even as nationally known insurance companies pulled out of the state’s coastal communities, development boomed along the shore, despite the threat from a megastorm like Harvey or Maria. In the face of warnings that climate change […]

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New Documents Show the Trump Administration Cut Climate Change Impacts from its Energy Plan

Thus far, the Trump administration has seemed to make it a point to ignore the very real threat of global warming in its policy and unabashedly censor climate science on government websites, reports, and speeches. It should come as a shock to no one, then, that the administration’s recent rollback of the Obama-era Clean Power Plan, has been no different—and gives even […]