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Incoming LVCVA CEO Steve Hill Says Las Vegas Must Better Understand Millennial

Steve Hill will take over the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) on September 1, and one of the first issues he plans to address after taking the reign is how the city can better understand the millennial. The self-obsessed millennial warrants a more thorough examination by the Las Vegas tourism industry, incoming LVCVA […]

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Twitch sells more games to streamers.

In March, video game streaming site Twitch introduced a new way for its streamers to make money: by selling games directly to their fans. Initially, however, that feature was only available to Twitchs Partners that is, the sites top-tier streamers with large audiences. Today, Twitch is adding game sales to its newly launched Twitch Affiliate […]


‘Counter-Strike’ player “KennyS” Falls on Stage With His Tournament Trophy!

Kenny ‘KennyS’ Schrub after going down with the trophy. Image: esl/youtube Counter-Strike pro Kenny “KennyS” Schrub was the undeniable MVP during Sunday’s ESL Pro League Season 5 grand finals as he racked up kill after kill to push G2 Esports to victory the team’s first win at a premier-level tournament in nearly a year. In […]


Review: Nintendo Releases Newest Fighting Game “ARMS”, But How Long Will it Last?

Nintendos newest, colorful IP challenges the traditional fighting game experience. It wants players up off the couch, away from a joystick, and unconcerned with complicated combos. In many ways, ARMS might seem like a simplified version of the decade-spanning conventions of an entire genre. However, at the core, the games mechanics are engaging and more […]

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The Leaders of the Twitch Revolution

  In 2015, more than 1.5 million gamers streamed on Twitch and an incredible 100 million people visited the site. It’s already big broadcasting business and the numbers are only growing. More people are turning to the Internet for entertainment every day and as online audiences grow, interest in traditional broadcasting appears to be waning. […]