Now your pets can pledge their loyalty to you, in samurai armor!

Image: Samurai Age If you’re looking for a way to instill a sense of loyalty in your pet, we have the perfect solution. Novelty retailer Pets In Style is making suits of armor inspired by the warriors of medieval Japan for your feline or canine friend. SEE ALSO: Inspirational golden retriever perfectly demonstrates how to […]

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10 Things That Every Woman Must Own

When it comes to clothing and accessories, women differ vastly in terms of taste and preferences. Some have a large wardrobe filled with items they’ve only worn once, while others take a much more frugal approach to dressing up. Nevertheless, there are certain things that every woman should own in order to make the most […]

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4 Tips On Sourcing For An Online Boutique

From skirts made out of banana leaves and animal hide sewn together to digital fashion trends that are redefining what we wear, fashion truly has come a long way. And one of the most recent trends is a splurge in online boutiques selling everything from gowns to girdles. However, most entrepreneurs think that merely ‘opening’ […]