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Baijiu 101 for Bartenders

Ming River Inc.’s chief marketing officer, Simon Dang, and educational director, Derek Sandhaus, sat down with Chilled for a Q&A about baijiu. Baijiu is a very popular spirit globally, but may be misunderstood here in the states. What do bartenders need to know about baijiu? Baijiu (pronounced “bye-j’yo”) means “white spirits” in Mandarin. It’s a […]

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Should your practice be on Instagram?

Now that many dentists have their practices established on Facebook, it’s time to talk Instagram. Another important social media tool in your online toolbox, Facebook-owned Instagram can help your practice be discovered and attract new patients. Instagram’s popularity has skyrocketed in the last few years. In 2017 CNBC reported that Instagram added 100 million new […]

Health and Wellness

The Holy Food of the Heart and Soul

In the course of a typical week, normal experience encompasses a broad range of feelings from wakefulness to sleepiness, from hunger and thirst to fullness and satisfaction, from busyness to relaxation, from restlessness to peacefulness, from loneliness to sociability, from pleasure to pain, and from health to illness. All these universal feelings and more accompany […]