Personal Trainer Jolene Cherry on Getting an Exercise Habit Started: Six Tips

Starting something new is always a challenge. For many, this is especially true when it comes to exercise. Even popular culture often portrays working out as arduous and miserable; it’s no wonder starting an exercise routine is so tough. But, according to Personal Trainer, Jolene Cherry, that portrayal isn’t accurate. Jolene Cherry believes in helping […]


AllTrails gets $75M to keep hikers happy

The app for hiking enthusiasts just secured a big round of capital that will help it map more trails worldwide. AllTrails has raised $75 million, led by Spectrum Equity, which has taken a majority stake in the company in the process. Founded in 2010, AllTrails raised a small amount of capital years ago from investors, including […]

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I stopped dieting before my honeymoon, and it is the healthiest choice I could have made

I stopped dieting before my honeymoon, and it is the healthiest choice I could have made If you’re like me, then you’ve spent years caught in the cycle of dieting, over-exercising, and maybe even disordered eating. I developed an eating disorder in college, and after losing 60+ pounds through near-starvation and excessive exercise, it took […]

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Your Complete Guide to L-Glutamine

Every ingredient we put into our IdealLean products serves a super important purpose. Today we have decided to spotlight an amazing little amino acid that actually serves a few important purposes! Say hello to L-Glutamine! Although you’ve probably heard it just called Glutamine. Glutamine can help you maximize your post-workout recovery, improve fat loss, promote lean muscle building, […]


Energised throughout the day

Are you energised throughout the day? More than 10 years ago, when I left Serbia and moved to California, I was excited to taste all different foods and flavours. It was fascinating to me that all kinds of cuisines can be found in close proximity. More than that, I was excited to have Thai cuisine […]