27 Truths Ross And Rachel Taught You About Love

When you’ve found your lobster, you’ll know it. 1. When you first meet the love of your life, it may not be immediately clear that they’re the one for you. NBC / Via hellyeah-friends.tumblr.com 2. You can always start off as friends and show your support for each other. NBC / Via frie-nds.tumblr.com 3. And build on something that can […]
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21 Times 'Friends' Taught Us a Life Lesson

1.) Dance like no one is watching, because it’s the best. 2.) Never tell a lie because you will end up having to wear blue lip balm. 3.) But sometimes a little white lie can save your best friends relationship. 4.) Never put beef in the trifle. 5.) Don’t let what people think about you affect you. 6.) Always take measurements […]
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