14 Comics Reveal What Would Happen If Movie Directors Were Chefs

Ever wondered what sorts of meals movie directors would make if they were chefs? A comic artist who goes by the name of Cheekylicious certainly has, and as you can see below, the results are brilliantly accurate. Using the stylistic quirks and cinematic themes associated with some of the world’s most beloved directors, the artist […]


I Started Making Comics As A Way To Relieve Stress, And Now Its Become My Biggest Passion

Hello! My name is Bee. I’m a 21-year-old graphic design student who’s a bit of a dork. I began making comics in the fall of 2016. It started off as a way to relieve stress after I came home from work or school, but it’s become such a passion of mine over the past year […]


City council makes man remove his 30 year-old tree, they deeply regret it now!

What would you do if the council ordered the death of one of your favorite trees, and then made you pay for it? That’s what happened to one man in Redondo Beach, California, but although he lost the battle, he most certainly won the war. Because unknown to the council, the man, who’s an arborist, […]


15 Funny Texts From Superheros

Ever wonder what your favorite superheroes would say to one another in a text thread? Comedians Andrew Ivimey and Diana McCallum have come up with some seriously funny exchanges. Here are some of our favorites – for even more you can visit their site, Texts From Superheroes. 1 Via: Texts From Superheroes 2 Via: Texts […]


The Best Comments Left by Old People to Food Chains.

One day, well be old and technology will go sailing right over our heads. But until that day, we can still enjoy the fact that an older generation is, understandably, struggling to make sense of the Internet, smartphones, and social media. They deserve HUGE credit for trying, and none of this is meant to be […]