Friends Don’t Let Friends Take Uber? This Made My Afternoon! The Most Savage Marketing Ever by Lyft! Check out the Picture…

Looking for ways to gain more exposure for Feedster… I had a friend email me this picture today. Thought you would enjoy it! Background story (this is literally true and happened to me today)! It’s not everyday that you see a truly savage form of gorilla marketing. 2017 is a fast-paced digital explosion of business competition all within a virtual world. That’s why I was absolutely floored when I saw this gorilla marketing tactic today.

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Guerrilla Marketing Online Techniques For Business Success

Guerrilla marketing simply means doing things differently and in an interesting way to promote your website or business, without having to spend money on advertising. With the present unpredictability of the economic climate, businesses should now more than ever need to explore smarter ways of marketing their brand and products. In this case, being smart […]