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Woman Afraid To Leave Her Dog Alone With Dog Sitter Writes Him List Of Rules, And They Go Viral

When Tommy Rivers agreed to look after his auntie’s dog Pepper for a day, the guy was surprised to find out the doggie came with a set of rules. Some of them were so hilarious, it made the whole Internet fall in love with his auntie, and, of course, with Pepper herself! The note she […]


Woman Surprised To See Her Puppy Drag Its New Blanket Outside, But Then She Sees This

Meet Lana, a rescue puppy who knows a thing or two about friendship and being generous. Rescued from the streets of Brazil, the 8-month-old doggie has a loving owner, but clearly still remembers what it’s like to be a stray. So, when she saw a homeless dog on a chilly night, she dragged her blanket […]


This Pregnant Dog Just Had A Maternity Photoshoot, And People Just Cant Handle It

When a young woman named Elsa found out her dog Fusee was pregnant, she decided to capture it on camera. What she couldn’t imagine back then though was that her happy pregnant doggo’s pictures would go viral, creating a wave of happiness and admiration around the world. To make it even more heart-melting than it […]