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Tom S Chang MD on Common Causes of Eye Infection and Prevention

“Eye infections do not just happen; in quite a number of cases, eye infections could have been prevented,” says Tom S Chang MD. In most cases, eye infections present with similar symptoms. Most people, however, tend to ignore these symptoms until they become severe. To help patients prevent eye infections, Dr. Chang discusses common eye […]

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Joel Arun Sursas Reviews 7 Critical HIPAA Aspects Health Care Professionals Should Understand in 2020

The Health Insurance Portability and Accounted Act or HIPAA for short was initially enacted by the American Congress in 1996 to improve the nation’s health care in terms of efficiency as well as effectiveness through the establishment and implementation of Federal standards [2]. From a high-level perspective, the law focuses on two key areas: Health […]

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Docprime: What You Need To Know

While technological developments have disrupted how we conduct business, how we live our lives, and how we communicate, the medical industry has for the most part remained ‘traditional’, experiencing very minor changes on the medical services delivery front. Traditionally, when you are sick or when you need any medical attention or advice, you have to […]


SHSMD: What to Expect During the Largest Health Care Systems Conference of the Year

Health care is currently experiencing an enormous shift causing disruption throughout the industry. From mergers and consolidation to hospital systems expanding patient offerings and consumers expecting a new level of experience, the health care climate is currently in a highly disruptive state. This week, I’m attending the Society of Healthcare Strategy & Market Development Connections […]

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RHR: The Shift from Treatment to Prevention, with Vipul Vyas, Locke Ettinger, & Pat Charmel

In this episode, we discuss: What the U.S. healthcare system focuses on The cost of maintaining this system How conventional medicine got to this point How the healthcare landscape is changing The shift from “sickcare” to true healthcare How employers can help employees manage their health The social factors that impact health Show notes: The […]