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Upgrade Your Kitchen Design

The kitchen used to just be a place where meals were cooked and wasn’t thought about much in terms of beauty or design. Now, kitchens are a big highlight, and sometimes the focal point of the home. A beautiful kitchen with innovative appliances and a sleek design makes it a much more enjoyable place to […]

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Hot or Not? Redfin Tests the Temperature of January’s Hottest Neighborhood Predictions

In January, we published our annual Hottest Neighborhoods report, identifying the 10 neighborhoods in the country that we predicted would see fast growth in home values this year, based on user data and insights from local Redfin agents. Nine of the 10 neighborhoods in the January report are in San Jose. Now we’re checking […]

House and Home

How Energy Efficient Is Your House?

  Energy efficiency: at a time when many North Americans are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental and financial costs of energy, this is a concept that is of growing interest to people everywhere and to homeowners in particular. If you are responsible for paying for the heat, electricity, and water that your house uses, […]

Wealth Creation

4 Big Money Mistakes of First-Time Homebuyers

As you begin the process of searching for your first home, it helps to understand the financing process. Here are four common money-related mistakes made by first-time homebuyers and some tips to help avoid these pitfalls. 1. Over-Committing Your Spending Power Mortgage lenders often qualify potential buyers for home loans based on their debt-to-income ratio. This ratio does not take […]