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US State and Local Governments Rake in $40.8 Billion in Gambling Taxes

US governments on all levels, federal, state and local, received $40.8 billion in tax revenues from the rapidly growing gambling industry in 2017. The sector contributed $261 billion to the United States economy and employed more than 1.8 million people, a new study by Oxford Economics reveals. The research, published this week by the American […]

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Canadian Fertilizer Industry Becoming World Leaders In Reducing Emissions

The fertilizer industry in Canada is proving to be a pillar to the Canadian economy, contributing to $12 million annually and 12,000 Canadian jobs. Therefore, there’s a close eye on the industry to examine how it’s innovating to reduce its greenhouse gas emission. Fertilizer Canada is making significant strides to provide an effective framework for […]

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3D Printing: The Next Industrial Revolution

There are several new key developments in the 3D printing industry which promise to make 2017 the beginning of the next industrial revolution. Considering the dwindling resources of planet earth, this revolution’s time has come. In addition to lowering costs and increasing customization, perhaps the most important aspect of this industrial revolution is the potential […]