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14 Tricks to Getting Those Pretty Flat Lay Photos

1. Tell a story. Roslyn Daroza / Via Instagram: @ripejournal “Choose a specific item to highlight your theme and surround it strategically with the other pieces. Adding quirky and unique objects, such as keepsakes, helps create a story and adds a point of difference.” – @ripejournal 2. It’s all about the lighting. Tara Milk Tea / Via Instagram: @taramilktea “Avoid shooting in […]


Remember The 86 Year-Old Badass Grandma? Now Shes 88 And Even More Badass!

Remember Baddie Winkle, the 86-year-old grandma that we wrote 2 years ago? Well, she just celebrated her 88th birthday and she’s as cool and groovy as ever! Baddie now has a whopping 2.1 MILLION followers on Instagram and hangs out with such celebrities as Miley Cyrus or the Kardashians. Living the golden years, we’d say! She’s also […]