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The State of Cyber World and Law in Australia

The Internet is one of the most priceless human constructs, even though people take it for granted. We can literally obtain any type of information, access various knowledge databases, communicate in an almost real-time manner, send, receive, purchase, sell, and browse. Instantaneously. The Internet has become ubiquitous, from our very own pockets to high-level government […]
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The Future of Internet

Many of us have forgotten the sound of 56K modem connecting to the internet as it was ages ago. In reality, for some, no more than a decade has passed since they’ve heard it for the last time. For those of you who are a bit younger and have no memory of Dial-Up, highest internet […]
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The Fading Belief in a Music “Industry” and Its New “Middle-Class”

We’ve all heard the claim a couple hundred times. “Internet streaming and downloading is killing the music industry.” It’s easily believable. Popular bit-torrent site The Pirate Bay illegally provides millions of albums for those looking to possess digital copies without paying for them. Services like Spotify and Pandora allow users to listen to music for […]
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The End of Dot Com?

A domain name has a significant impact on the branding process and the value of the internet domain. It is a chance to shine with customers, and grab their attention. Since the dawn of the Internet, people have been using TLDs like .net, .org, and .com. Websites with these extensions still form the majority of […]
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Cloud Security Techniques Know-How

In recent years clouds became one of the most popular storage solutions, with an ability to host everything from simple textual data, to multimedia, apps, and other different kinds of software that can became instantly accessible on users demand. This and some other benefits of cloud computing made it almost irresistible to big companies with […]
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