Orbiting Around Your Kids

They say having children is a blessing, one of those rare human experiences that come with a great sense of accomplishment. But when problems start piling up, the voluntary choir of optimistic voices is somehow reduced to a solitary cricket song. Then, one day, you catch a glimpse of your reflection in the mirror and […]

Health and Wellness

Getting Started in Gymnastics

Kids are fearless and ambitious. They love to try new things, take risks and be challenged. And when it comes to trying unconventional activities, such as acro or acro dance, Trix Acro Gym knows exactly why kids are drawn to these types of fun:   They are stimulating for the mind and body, challenging kids […]


We let our kids do Dangerous things instead of stopping them (no photoshop).

When our daughter Emilia was born, we staged this photoshoot that made it look like our little baby could fly. The pictures went viral. That was 2 years ago. Our kids grew. At some point we realized that there is one thing our older son Lenny really loves doing. It is jumping from all sorts […]

At Work

The Next Step in Trampoline Design is Here

Since the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia, trampolining has been an Olympic sport. Long before, it was a popular backyard recreational activity since the first one was invented in the 1930s. Unfortunately, trampoline design has not actually changed considerably since it was first invented, though most parents’ standards for safety have changed dramatically. Today, […]

At Work

Plan a Perfect Birthday Party for Your Kid

  Planning a birthday party for your kid can be a trying and challenging experience, since you want every little detail to be perfect and for everything to go as planned. You want to provide your child with a memorable experience that will leave a long-lasting impression. That kind of situation can put every parent […]