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Let’s Count Insects! – Insektensommer 2018

It is a hot Sommer (summer), an besonderer (exceptional) one. But there is also something not that besonders about this Sommer: In general, more and more Germans say: Es gibt immer weniger Insekten (There are fewer and fewer insects). Some claim that they had to start the Scheibenwischer (windshield wiper) to remove all the Insekten from their Frontscheibe a few years ago. Now, they may have just a single Fleck (spot). Aber […]


Benefits of Learning a Language Online

There’s no denying that learning a second language is extremely beneficial. Not only does it allow you to communicate more effectively with people in other cultures, there are many other surprising benefits of speaking another language as well: It can make you smarter by challenging your brain to understand and communicate in another language It can […]