Several tongues are the most popular in the world today. Some of these include Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Italian, and Russian. It is remarkably enjoyable to know why these languages are so popular all over the world. Some believe it is because these languages are unique and have special characteristics, like Andrew Napolitano. Other people […]


Why is Register important when translating?

Professional translators need to take register into consideration when translating. It is not the same if a translator is translating a novel for children, a scientific article or a poem. It goes without saying that every audience is specific and the texts need to be adjusted to the audience’s professions, levels of maturity and needs. […]


10 Of The Most Popular Russian Idioms Illustrated

We know every country has their own idioms, which often make no sense to anyone other than those who have grown up with them, but for those in the know, they make perfect sense! We are bringing you Russia’s TOP TEN idioms, with a helping hand from renowned artist Nathan James. By the time you’ve […]