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Ben Skinner, Victoria based Lawyer, review of the CERP

COVID-19: Australian Federal Government introduces Coronavirus Economic Response Package As the world grapples with the global economic and health crisis brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Australian Federal Government recently introduced a temporary set of regulations in the form of the Coronavirus Economic Response Package. The aim of the Package is to quickly absorb […]

Law And Order

How Individuals are treated as a subject of International Law

The evolution of mankind from cave to computer was accompanied by the formulation of certain rules which achieved the status of law. Initially some customs were developed between countries, and soon they forged into International Law. For centuries, it was believed that only states are the subjects of International law as there were two groups […]

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Scanning the Horizon: What the Hospitality Industry Needs to Know About Biometrics

Biometric data (fingerprints, retina scans, voice recognition, etc.) are used to identify an individual using that person’s unique biological characteristics. No longer a thing of the future or portrayed in an episode of “Mission Impossible,” private companies and the government collect and use biometric data for a variety of reasons. The use of biometric data […]