Health and Wellness

Couple Eat Only Fruit For 3 Years And Have Not Brushed Their Teeth In 2 Years

@Fit_Shortie_Eats/Instagram A couple who’ve eaten nothing but fruit for more than three years, and haven’t brushed their teeth in two, have opened up about their lifestyle. 39-year-old Tina Stoklosa from Warsaw, Poland, and her 26 year old fiancé Simon Beun, from Izegem, Belgium, travel around the world full-time in search of rare fruit. Documenting their […]

Wealth Creation

Woman Shares Pre-Transformation Photos After Spending $10,000 On Body Modifications

amber_luke/Instagram For those who engage with a spiritual or esoteric ethos in life, it’s theorised that the body we have are only rentals which have been loaned by the big man in the sky. I’m talking about God obviously. While there are many who (understandably) question his/her/its existence – it’s beside the point. The point […]