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The Holy Food of the Heart and Soul

In the course of a typical week, normal experience encompasses a broad range of feelings from wakefulness to sleepiness, from hunger and thirst to fullness and satisfaction, from busyness to relaxation, from restlessness to peacefulness, from loneliness to sociability, from pleasure to pain, and from health to illness. All these universal feelings and more accompany […]


33 of the Creepiest Lines in Literature

1. “Even the dead tell stories.” —Marcus Sedgwick, Revolver Suggested by Tallulahmac 2. “Of all of them there at the bar that night, the bartender was the one who survived the longest. He died three weeks later on the road out of the city.” —Emily St. John Mandel, Station Eleven Suggested by caitlinm18 3. “The man screamed and clawed […]


32 of the Most Beautiful Words That Will Soothe Your Brain

We asked Twitter for their favorite words. Here are some of the suggestions, along with some of mine… 1. Daniel Dalton / BuzzFeed / Via Suggested by @MarkGrainger. 2. Daniel Dalton / BuzzFeed / Via Suggested by @gaminette, @ImolaUnger. 3. Daniel Dalton / BuzzFeed / Via 4. Daniel Dalton / BuzzFeed / Via A Welsh word without direct English […]


Someone’s teenage crush on Draco Malfoy changed my perception of Harry Potter

Image: warner bros / mashable composite To all die-hard supporters of Harry Potter and his plight to end all evil: you’d best look away now. I had a fervent crush on Draco Malfoy as a teenager, and it has had a pretty drastic effect on my interpretation of the books. My love for Draco changed […]