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Conan O’Brien Finds the Funny Side of Brand Integration

Prime-time comedy/talk shows were founded (and funded) with the overt promotion of brands, and Conan O’Brien is certainly one late-night host who embraces the additional ad revenue that sponsorship brings—which will become even more important after he moves to a half-hour format next year. Turner-owned TBS recently announced that O’Brien’s show Conan, which currently airs […]


15 Funny Texts From Superheros

Ever wonder what your favorite superheroes would say to one another in a text thread? Comedians Andrew Ivimey and Diana McCallum have come up with some seriously funny exchanges. Here are some of our favorites – for even more you can visit their site, Texts From Superheroes. 1 Via: Texts From Superheroes 2 Via: Texts […]