Andrew Napolitano’s Media Analysis:

For many people, there is a common understanding of the impact social media has had. As more and more individuals prepare themselves for the holiday season, it’s clear that there is a sense of community around social media and the impact of media in general. Many major corporations like Fox News, are displaying advertisements for […]


To Give Your Marketing Meaning, Start With Your Mission

The greatest marketing campaigns are the ones that connect with us, inspire action and leave a lasting impact. Think Casey Neistat’s ‘Make It Count‘ collaboration with Nike, Airbnb’s ‘Belong Anywhere‘ or Patagonia’s ‘Fighting for Public Lands‘. Very few businesses ever achieve anything that connects with their audience like these campaigns. In fact, I can probably […]

Wealth Creation

“A newborn is without his father Friday” — because his father was wanted on an outstanding homicide warrant

If you’ve been on Twitter at all today, you’ve probably come across the viral video of ICE detaining a man while he’s driving his wife to the hospital to have a baby. It doesn’t get more heartless than that — abolish ICE, now. WATCH: ICE agents detain husband who was driving pregnant wife to hospital […]