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Sisters apart for 40 years reunited by working in the same US hospital!

After tragedy, abandonment and living in orphanages, DNA tests confirmed the two womens many coincidences were anything but Two orphaned sisters separated decades ago in South Korea have been reunited after being hired at the same hospital in Florida. The women, now both in their 40s, were stunned to learn that they were related, having […]


Batman’s Proposal Makes Him and Catwoman the Best DC Couple!

In an intimate moment between Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne in Batman Returns, Selina confesses: “I would love to live with you in your castle… forever, just like in a fairy tale.” Selina, otherwise known as the sometimes villain, sometimes heroine Catwoman, is the reason why Tim Burton’s 1992 masterpiece works so well. Since her […]


Michelle Obama Has Carpool Karaoke, Featuring a Special Guest!

Ladies and gentlemen, we might have reached peak Carpool Karaoke. In the latest edition of James Corden’s sketch show, Michelle Obama is picked up outside the White House and, after a quick tour of the residency’s surroundings, starts singing and dancing with the British host. The First Lady reveals she hasn’t travelled in the front […]


10 People Who You Know Are Succeeding In Life

1 Via: LAXisFUN 2 Via: LAXisFUN 3 Via: FlyingPiper 4 Via: r/Tinder 5 Via: LAXisFUN 6 Via: L3pje 7 Via: wzzm13 8 Via: TheHancock 9 Via: LAXisFUN 10 Via: mr_sunshine4 Read more:


Couple’s Bathing Suit Photo Is Going Viral For An Inspiring Reason

One body positivity advocate, wife and mom is inspiring others with a viral Instagram post about growing to love her body just the way it is curves, stretch marks, rolls and all. A post shared by Jazzy (@a_body_positive_jazzy) on Jun 3, 2017 at 1:30am PDT On Friday, Instagram user Jazzy (@a_body_positive_jazzy) posted a photo of […]