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Unorthodox Strategies for Increasing Traffic – Ever Heard of a Sticky Menu?

Trying to increase web traffic can be a herculean task, especially in cases where you feel like you tried everything. Luckily, a true magician always keeps a pair of aces in his pocket, and exploiting unorthodox strategies is exactly what you’re looking for. But first things first.  What is web traffic? In its purest form, […]


7 Remote Learning Tips That’ll Make Online Schooling Easier

Even with uninterrupted internet and perfect attendance, it can sometimes feel as remote classrooms must cross hurdle after hurdle. Every student has different learning styles and habits, and this can make remote learning challenging. Even with a seamless lesson plan, many teachers are struggling to help their students. While teachers can’t solve every problem, there are […]

Play (Not At Work)

Creating an OER for Turkish-language learning has made sharing my ideas, teaching materials and methodology possible!

Photo credit: flickr user Hansol  Editors note: This post was written by COERLL partner Jeannette Okur, and originally published in Tex Libris, the blog from the libraries at the University of Texas at Austin, for a special Open Education Week series. For a year and a half now, I have been designing and piloting an […]