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The Best Advice Your Mom Will Ever Give You

Mom knows best, even if it takes you until you’re an adult to realize she’s usually right about things. Your mom is your best friend when you’re a toddler, your worst enemy at times when you’re a teen, and she’s back to BFF-status when you reach adulthood. It takes a while to get over your […]
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Serena Williams Poses Topless As Pregnant Goddess For Vanity Fair, And Some People Find It Disgusting

Worldwide tennis champion Serena Williams pretty much slays everything she does, and that’s soon going to include motherhood. To celebrate the upcoming arrival of her little one, she recently posed for the cover of Vanity Fair – wearing nothing but panties and a body chain. Serena first met her man, Reddit inventor Alexis Ohanian, in […]
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Tired of stereotypical girls’ clothes, these women did something about it then banded together.

You might remember this photo that went viral back in April: Original photo by Jason Y. Evans, shared with permission in this Upworthy post. It was being sold in New York University’s campus bookstore. The boys’ equivalent to the girls’ “I hate my thighs” baby onesie was “I’m super.” (I mean, really?! That’s some pretty […]
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