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No Man’s Sky NEXT FAQs: How to switch to third person, how to use the Refiner, and where is the Sky Fleet Command Room?

With a download size weighing in at more than double the original game, No Man’s Sky NEXT is a huge update to Hello Games’ survival space-sim, adding a host of new features and improvements. When so much has changed, or you’re jumping in for the first time, the procedural universe can be a massively confusing […]

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GTA Online update includes new version of Oppressor hyperbike

The latest GTA Online update includes a mobile command center, client jobs, and a jet-engine powered motorbike. GTA Online has been offering weekly updates with new content since the After Hours expansion launched last month. This week is no exception, but there’s one especially notable feature: An upgraded version of the Oppressor hyperbike. The original […]