10 Illustrations Every Dog Owner Will Understand

Let’s talk about dogs in style and the reason why dogs are great pets. They are loyal. They are awesome friends, they will definitely keep you busy and always be there for you when you need them. Dogs are the best security system. They will also keep you healthy because of daily walks, training exercises or […]


This Ferret Determined To Show A Human Her Babies Is The Most Adorable Thing You’ll Ever See!

A video has been released showing a proud ferret mamma determined to demonstrate her babies to her human – even if that meant grabbing his finger with her mouth and dragging his hand towards her newborns. Now the Internet is going crazy, with some people even commenting this was so sweet, it almost made them […]


Every Day This Dog Rides The Bus All By Herself To Go To The Park

Meet Seattle’s celebrity dog, Eclipse, who takes a bus to a nearby park all by herself. “All the bus drivers know her. She sits here just like a person does,” fellow rider Tiona Rainwater told KOMO. “She makes everybody happy. How could you not love this face?” It all started when the black Labrador and […]


Dogs Before And After Their Haircuts.

I am an animal photographer named Grace Chon and these images are from my new photo series titled HAIRY. I’ve always found before and after photos from dog grooming to be really funny. Usually it doesn’t even look like it’s the same dog in each photo! I had the idea of shooting a photo series […]

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Cat Owner Leaves the funniest discriptions in a not to her cat-sitter.

When you’re in charge of looking after just one or two cats (or even kids)… via: Tumblr …you don’t need much help in distinguishing which is which. But if you’re in charge of several different animals, all with their own appearances and personalities, it helps to have a reference tool to keep them all straight. […]

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Family throws fancy quinceaera for their 15-year old cat.

Pets are a part of our families, and we will go to the end of the earth and beyond to make them feel that way. So, when Luna the cat from Charlotte, North Carolina, turned 15 (!!), she got the party she always dreamed of: an extravagant, pink quinceaera. A quinceaera is a celebration of […]


Now your pets can pledge their loyalty to you, in samurai armor!

Image: Samurai Age If you’re looking for a way to instill a sense of loyalty in your pet, we have the perfect solution. Novelty retailer Pets In Style is making suits of armor inspired by the warriors of medieval Japan for your feline or canine friend. SEE ALSO: Inspirational golden retriever perfectly demonstrates how to […]


8 Chubby Cats Food Fails That Are So Painfully Relatable Its Hilarious

Ever accidentally broke the ring-pull while trying to open a can? How about had all the cheese slide off when grabbing a pizza slice? Food fails – we’ve all had them and we all know how frustrating they can be… Below, artist Q-Rais has created a series of comics featuring a chubby cat and all […]


Deaf cat wakes up, super confused.

We’re almost confused ourselves, what the hell is happening with this cat when it wakes up?! Advertisement Read more: