32 Autumn Leaf Photos That Are Almost Pornographic

1. Those are some nice looking verdant valleys you got there. Flickr: dmcordell / Creative Commons 2. But they’ve got nothing on your bucolic peaks. Flickr: chrisschoenbohm / Creative Commons 3. I’m getting a little misty just thinking about autumn in New England. 😂 Flickr: plutinc / Creative Commons 4. Hey there little leaves.. the only thing nicer than spending the evening […]


15+ Pics That Show Photography Is The Biggest Lie Ever

Take a look at these behind-the-scenes pictures to see what we mean. Compiled by Bored Panda, they’re sure to give the budding photographer some fresh ideas while giving the rest of us an enlightening glimpse into the reality that hides behind many a perfect picture. #1 Miniature Car Models Create Realistic Historical Photos click to […]


14 Tricks to Getting Those Pretty Flat Lay Photos

1. Tell a story. Roslyn Daroza / Via Instagram: @ripejournal “Choose a specific item to highlight your theme and surround it strategically with the other pieces. Adding quirky and unique objects, such as keepsakes, helps create a story and adds a point of difference.” – @ripejournal 2. It’s all about the lighting. Tara Milk Tea / Via Instagram: @taramilktea “Avoid shooting in […]

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Silicone Fusion Technology Reviewed – Does Dermaclara Work?

Women often complain about the appearance of stretch marks on their bodies. Stretch marks can be devastating to the self- confidence of a woman. Unfortunately, getting rid of stretch marks is easier said than done. Women have been trying different products throughout history to get rid of stretch marks with little success. However, a company […]


The Best Drone Photos Of 2017 Have Just Been Announced, And They Will Take Your Breath Away

During the past few years, drones have dramatically changed the landscape of photography. So much so that numerous awards, dedicated specifically to aerial photography have emerged. One of them – probably the most prestigious – is Dronestagram (previously here and here), and it has just announced the winners of its 4th annual International Drone Photography […]