House and Home

Advice for Buying Your First Home

When buying a home, you must take into account many different important points. While it’s not a transaction that needs to have too much stress, there still needs to be a degree of responsibility and a lot of thinking needs to be done. This becomes infinitely more important if it’s your first time ever buying […]

Real Estate

Mike Eisenga, Experienced Commercial Real Estate Investor, Discusses Nine Things to Think About When Buying Commercial Property

Buying commercial property versus purchasing a home- is there a drastic difference? The truth is that yes, there is a contrast between the two processes. Rather than seeking a shelter to fall in love with and return to at the end of every day, commercial property consumers are looking for a property that will essentially […]

Real Estate

Do You Need An Attorney If You Want To Start A Real Estate Business?

Nowadays, starting a real estate business can be a very lucrative undertaking since it involves the buying, selling, and leasing of non-depreciable real estate properties for profit. However, getting started with this venture requires a lot of considerations, which include the legal aspects of running a real estate business. As such, you definitely need to […]