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Senator Warner Outlines Options for Regulating Big Tech

The Russian’s use of social media platforms to influence the 2016 election and the fallout from Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal has triggered calls for regulation of the tech sector, but with no proposals emerging. Earlier this month, former acting-Commerce Secretary Cameron Kerry called for reviving the Obama-era Privacy Bill of Rights. Enter Senate Intelligence Committee […]

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Which Putin-Friendly Russian Oligarch Funded the Alleged Spy Who Penetrated the NRA?

Maria Butina—the 29-year-old Russian who penetrated the NRA and other conservative groups and who this week was arrested and accused of functioning as a spy for Moscow—allegedly had help from from some well-connected and extremely wealthy men in her motherland. According to a filing submitted in court by federal prosecutors on Wednesday, Butina “has ties […]


10 Of The Most Popular Russian Idioms Illustrated

We know every country has their own idioms, which often make no sense to anyone other than those who have grown up with them, but for those in the know, they make perfect sense! We are bringing you Russia’s TOP TEN idioms, with a helping hand from renowned artist Nathan James. By the time you’ve […]