Chicago’s Beal Properties On Successfully Moving During COVID-19
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Chicago’s Beal Properties On Successfully Moving During COVID-19

For most of us, thoughts of moving apartments manifest immediate brow sweat, and conjure up dread. Even during the best of circumstances, fleeting thoughts of loading heavy boxes onto a truck, spending hours organizing trinkets, and reassembling furniture for the tenth time can mar an otherwise exciting relocation opportunity. When you add a global pandemic, […]

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Worker safety takes a back seat to corporate 'flexibility' under Trump

Donald Trump’s Mine Safety and Health Administration head, David Zatezalo, is a former coal company CEO whose company was cited for repeated safety violations, with one miner killed in a rock wall collapse. Under Zatezalo’s leadership, the MSHA has weakened mine inspection policies, allowing inspections to happen while workers are already on the job and […]

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Benefits to business: Health and Safety Training in the Workplace

There are almost 3 million workplace injuries reported by the private industry in 2014 alone, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Furthermore, nearly 5,000 of workplace accidents ended fatally in the same year. These figures are alarming and should inspire employers both in the private and public sectors to take greater measures to ensure […]