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Facebook can’t keep you safe

Another day, another announcement from Facebook that it has failed to protect your personal information. Were you one of the 50 million (and likely far more, given the company’s graduated disclosure style) users whose accounts were completely exposed by a coding error in play for more than a year? If not, don’t worry — you’ll […]

Wealth Creation

BEC is Big Business for Hackers: What makes these attacks so hard to prevent?

For years, one of the most lucrative ways for hackers to generate profits was through ransomware attacks. These instances involve the use of strong encryption to lock victims out of their files and data – attackers then sell the decryption key in exchange for an untraceable Bitcoin ransom payment. Now, however, another highly profitable attack […]

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Things got ugly when a Republican strategist accused a former CIA analyst of earning 'more money' with his security clearance

CNN Former CIA analyst Philip Mudd got into a heated argument with Republican strategist Paris Dennard on Friday after Dennard suggested Mudd made “more money” from consulting firms because of his security clearance. “Twenty-five years in the service and this is the s–t I get? Get out,” Mudd said. The debate comes amid President Donald […]

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Is Your Self Storage Unit Safe?

Self storage units are wonderful for helping you move, holding overstock for your company, or providing an extra, secure space for all the things that don’t quite fit in your home. But, if your local storage facility isn’t secured with a variety of safety features, your precious or expensive items could be at risk of […]