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Confessions of a Google Spammer

I was reading the confessions of a Google Spammer recently and chuckled. I sent the article to my two founding partners. This article hit home. I wasn’t making the 150k a month that he was but I had a similar experience in the past. I too was interested in one thing back in 2009 – […]
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Best SEO Company – Content HOW

Being the best SEO Company, it is important to focus on exactly what will give our clients the best rankings, conversions, and overall bang for their buck. When we first started we were obsessed like everyone else with backlinks. Now that we have gained some wisdom, we understand that rankings really have a direct correlation […]
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How to Make Content Work for Your SEO Efforts

In the realm of SEO, content is the king who reigns supreme. Maximizing the search visibility and internet traffic are prerogatives of the royal position, but they must be earned fair and square. Shabby content simply cannot engage readers, or lead to stellar link prospecting success. Nobody will share or comment on a copied article […]
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Digital Marketing Toolbox Essentials

Doing digital marketing without proper tools is like trying to plow a field with a shovel. Most of the tools that are available today were created by marketers for their colleagues in order to increase efficiency and productivity. Full marketing automation is not here yet, but there are certain things that simply can not be […]
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