Digital Marketing Toolbox Essentials

Doing digital marketing without proper tools is like trying to plow a field with a shovel. Most of the tools that are available today were created by marketers for their colleagues in order to increase efficiency and productivity. Full marketing automation is not here yet, but there are certain things that simply can not be […]

At Work

Categories vs. Tags: How Do I Use Them On My Blog?

If handled properly, WordPress can help you boost your online presence and/or promote your e-business through a simple-to-navigate blog that communicates your corporate philosophy and presents your offerings in optimal SEO light. By using categories and tags, you can group posted content into a logically organized database – but be careful! Categories and tags are […]

Small Business Marketing

SEO Basics for Small Businesses – Drive Traffic From Rankings

SEO Basics For Small Businesses Small businesses depend on a strong customer base for their success, but many are struggling to navigate the transition to a digital economy. Limited resources and knowledge give to an underwhelming degree of performance in search engine ranking for small business owners. This catch 22 situation where business people need […]