Hiring A Software House Company Vs Full Time Developer – Who Is A Better Contractor?

Many firms often face the dilemma of deciding whether to hire a software house company or a full-time developer for their software development needs. There is no single correct solution to this challenge, as both in-house developers and software house company have several benefits and limitations. When deciding whether to hire a software house company […]


Software development in Ukraine

Ukraine has become a significant player within the global tech arena.The IT talent pool in Ukraine is approaching 200,000 software developers, tech startups are booming, the flow of investments is increasing, and the variety of corporations that partner withUkrainian IT industry is anticipated to achieve $10 billion in worth by 2020.Local software development community has […]


Why You Should Outsource Your Software Development

The digital age demands that businesses of all shapes and sizes contort themselves to meet its demands, which often requires the development of sophisticated software capable of helping you achieve your goals while spending less money. Despite the alluring promise of software, however, many companies drive themselves to the brink of bankruptcy attempting to develop […]