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"Leave the neighbourhood to heal as it chooses" says MP responding to Grenfell memorial design

The MP for Kensington, the London borough containing Grenfell Tower, has spoken out against a conceptual memorial, which she says would re-traumatise residents. Emma Dent Coad, who was elected as the Labour MP for Kensington in 2017, said she was horrified to see the concept from architecture studio JAA, which suggested encasing the burnt-out shell […]


Someone’s teenage crush on Draco Malfoy changed my perception of Harry Potter

Image: warner bros / mashable composite To all die-hard supporters of Harry Potter and his plight to end all evil: you’d best look away now. I had a fervent crush on Draco Malfoy as a teenager, and it has had a pretty drastic effect on my interpretation of the books. My love for Draco changed […]


The Craziest Viral Moments of the UK Elections

So much glorious awkwardness. Image: DYLAN MARTINEZ/AFP/Getty Images/mashable composite It’s widely known that General Election campaigns tend to be long, depressing affairs. But that doesn’t mean they’re totally devoid of fun. Nestled among the repetitive answers and frustrating debates are brief, shining moments of hilarity. Sometimes these come from obvious places (politicians eating food), and […]