‘Counter-Strike’ player “KennyS” Falls on Stage With His Tournament Trophy!

Kenny ‘KennyS’ Schrub after going down with the trophy. Image: esl/youtube Counter-Strike pro Kenny “KennyS” Schrub was the undeniable MVP during Sunday’s ESL Pro League Season 5 grand finals as he racked up kill after kill to push G2 Esports to victory the team’s first win at a premier-level tournament in nearly a year. In […]


Michelle Obama Has Carpool Karaoke, Featuring a Special Guest!

Ladies and gentlemen, we might have reached peak Carpool Karaoke. In the latest edition of James Corden’s sketch show, Michelle Obama is picked up outside the White House and, after a quick tour of the residency’s surroundings, starts singing and dancing with the British host. The First Lady reveals she hasn’t travelled in the front […]


5 Movies That Came So Close To Being Watchable (But Failed)

Have you ever seen a movie that keeps promising an epic showdown between Good Badass and Evil Badass, only to let you down with a horseshit, no-climax finish? It sucks when that happens in a good movie, but it’s so much worse when it happens in a bad one. Because when a movie sucks, the […]


Daddy… I am Going To Be Called a Whore…

In a culture where girls are told to get thicker skin, lighten up, and learn to take a joke, its kind of hard to battle those little things that slowly degrade women over time. Why cant we just find a little humor in dirty jokes or laugh when wereaffectionately referred to as whore or slut? […]

Phones Tech And Gadgets

Video of a “dummy model” is the best look we have of the new Iphone yet!

This might be the best look we get at the iPhone 8’s design until the actual launch. Image: @onleaks/Tigermobiles/Youtube It’s getting harder and harder to think of opening sentences for all these iPhone 8 rumors, so I’ll just get on with it: There’s a new iPhone 8 video, crystal clear, showing the device from all […]

At Work

Anonymous Video App Launches

Have you ever wanted to post a video to social media but were too worried to have your name attached to it? Say you were walking around one day and you come across a group of protesters. You immediately take out your phone and start to film them but before you press post you start […]