Play (Not At Work)

Creating an OER for Turkish-language learning has made sharing my ideas, teaching materials and methodology possible!

Photo credit: flickr user Hansol  Editors note: This post was written by COERLL partner Jeannette Okur, and originally published in Tex Libris, the blog from the libraries at the University of Texas at Austin, for a special Open Education Week series. For a year and a half now, I have been designing and piloting an […]

Play (Not At Work)

Let’s Count Insects! – Insektensommer 2018

It is a hot Sommer (summer), an besonderer (exceptional) one. But there is also something not that besonders about this Sommer: In general, more and more Germans say: Es gibt immer weniger Insekten (There are fewer and fewer insects). Some claim that they had to start the Scheibenwischer (windshield wiper) to remove all the Insekten from their Frontscheibe a few years ago. Now, they may have just a single Fleck (spot). Aber […]

Wealth Creation

Counting and Accounting

This post lists and describes words deriving from the Latin verb computare, meaning “sum up,” that, unlike computer and the like, do not closely follow the original spelling. Count derives its diversion from the spelling of computare from its journey to English through Old French, which spelled the verb conter. To count is to add […]