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The new Italian government wants to ban shopping on Sundays to stop it from 'destroying Italian families'

The new Italian government will introduce a ban on Sunday shopping in large commercial centers before the end of the year as it seeks to defend family traditions.  Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio said that shopping is “destroying Italian families” and limiting shopping times could help keep the country traditional. Small shopkeepers in Italy […]

Play (Not At Work)


Every season, fantasy football features the usual list of notable names. Todd Gurley, Aaron Rodgers, and Antonio Brown are going to carry you to glory in 2018. If you can land one or more of those big names, you will be in a strong position right out of the gate. However, fantasy football championships are […]

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A photo of Asia Argento in bed with the 17-year-old actor she is accused of sexually assaulting has been published by TMZ

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images TMZ published a photo of the actress Asia Argento in bed with Jimmy Bennett, the 17-year-old actor whom she is accused of sexually assaulting. Argento was accused of sexually assaulting Bennett in a hotel room in 2013, and paying him off so that he would neither sue or nor release photos of […]

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Study: Obamacare premiums would be lower next year without Trump's sabotage

If Russian asset Donald Trump and congressional Republicans had not sabotaged the Affordable Care Act, premiums in the Obamacare markets would probably be going down next year. That’s the finding from Brookings’ Matt Fiedler in a new analysis. Because of sharp premium hikes last year in preparation for Trump’s doing his worst, insurance companies are […]