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Best Bike Lighting Options On The Market {Great Review!}

I ride a lot of mountain bikes. I am still a mountain bike beginner! But I ride a lot, which means I’ve gone through a lot of bike equipment. And I can say with certainty that a good light is the most important piece of equipment you can have. Poor lighting can lead to injuries and even death.

Why Do I Ride Bikes A Lot?

I live close to Hot Springs National Forest in Hot Springs, AR. We have some epic bike trails that are perfect for just getting out and peddling hard! These bike trails are really nice and well kept. I would have been in heaven as a 9-year-old having anything like these trails close.

One thing that I noticed recently is that during the winter months, I gain a ton of weight. It is because the trails are not well lit. I had to find a bike light that worked and improved my rides. It also meant I could ride after 5:45 when it starts getting super dark here during the winter.

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Of course, “poor lighting” means different things to different people. There are great mountain bike trails being built, but without a light, you can’t finish them after work. You run out of daylight. For me, I like to know I’m going to have visibility where ever I’m riding and not feel like I’m getting twice the workout. So for those who need new bike lights, here are some of my picks for best mountain bike lighting reviews.

Bike Lighting ReviewsGemini Titan

I liked that this light goes up to 4,000 lumens. That’s brighter than many other lights. A lot of other “best mountain bike lighting reviews” will focus solely on lumens, so you’ll see this topping a lot of lists. The battery is great, as well. However, you probably noticed I said “other” reviews. The Titan has some issues that make it only a three-star rating for me.

This light’s a heavy one. The head itself weighs 150 grams, while the cell battery weighs 400 grams (6 cell battery) and the eight-cell battery weighs 700 grams.

The second issue is the 10 programmable settings. This is useful, but the more complicated the pipes the easier it is to clog up the plumbing. It’s bright enough that the broken programming function isn’t a huge drawback, but it is annoying. If you are serious about trail riding, I can’t recommend it.

I would recommend this light to anyone with a sturdy bike and strong legs. The weight makes it a poor choice for a long ride, which means the battery life is useless. In reality, the light only works as long as your legs don’t get tired.

Magicshine MJ906B

If you’re looking for a low-cost city light then this one’s great, but otherwise I can’t recommend it. The programmable flash patterns is a nice feature. You can set up the light to flash in specific patterns with the press of a smartphone button. It’s a lightweight light, only 91 grams for the regular version, and for the battery pack version, it’s 258 grams. It even has impressive hotspot brightness. So as a city biking light, I would give it a 5-star rating.

However, I was expecting to buy a mountain bike light, not a city bike light. The hotspot brightness is useless if it doesn’t help me see sudden twists and turns coming up on my sides. The last thing I need is to try turning down a path I think is stable only to find out the hazard was just in the shadows. Since I was looking for a mountain bike light, I can only give this one 4 stars. It’s unfortunate because I was really excited about a lightweight light for some of the rides I enjoy in the hills near my home. At least I can use it next time I need to go to the grocery store in the middle of the night.

Exposure Maxx Mk10

This is a durable light that shines brighter than you’d expect. The latest version even has a feature that automatically changes brightness in response to your speed. This is pretty close to what I like in a light. Since it dims or brightens as you speed up or slow down, you’re not wasting battery power and you still get to see what you need to see.

However, it doesn’t quite top my “best mountain bike lighting reviews” list because of the weight. It’s impossible to head mount, and the weight can throw off the balance of a lightweight bike if you’re not careful on the installation. A good light that can last a while, but pass on it if you’re not an engineer.

Focal Series Trail Edition

If you’re looking for the future of mountain bike lights, then you’re looking for this light. This light gives me everything I need by making sure it can move with me rather than with the bike. The device has a 110-degree range and is designed specifically so a rider can use their natural human binocular vision to see the trail ahead of them. It’s built like an automotive light so that it’s weighted to move with your turn rather than shine straight ahead.

Both the lights and the reflectors in them are as reliable and durable as a true automotive battery, built to auto industry-standard specifications for reliability. It’s not as bright as some of the others, but that doesn’t take away from its 5-star rating for me.

Like I said before, it’s designed to move with the way I’m moving rather than straight ahead. That means I can see around me the same way I’d be able to see during the day.

With that kind of range, it doesn’t need to be blinding. It just has to be bright enough to comfortably see. That’s the reason this light gets a 5-star rating from me.

More than just your bike lighting options, try reading branded, road and mountain bike reviews as well to know what the best bike for you is.