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Choosing A Web Host As A Canadian Business

What many Canadian startups don’t realize when setting up their websites is the value of choosing a Canadian web host. Benefits to partnering with a local company include better SEO results, faster load times, and cheaper packages overall.

There is also an element of privacy businesses can enjoy thanks to stricter laws limiting an authority’s power to intrude upon a server. As a Canadian business, take advantage of this when establishing your online presence; read on to learn more about what else to consider before launching your site.

Ensure Your Website Runs On A Canadian Server

Fast web hosting in Canada is possible because Canadian servers are typically lower density when compared with American servers, ensuring each business working from it receives an adequate amount of resources, and that users can enjoy lightning fast speeds. You should always look for pure ssd cpanel reseller hosting as it provides the best technology at the highest speed.

Furthermore, a Canadian enterprise is more likely to climb the ranks of a Canadian search engine by being on a local server, enabling them to connect faster with the very users that’ll influence traction and sales. Finally, they don’t have to contend with US DMCA laws unless working on an American server.

Avoid Paying In American Dollars

As a startup or small business, it’s critical to save money where you can; avoid watching conversion rates and fees add up by paying in your own currency from the start, with a host that understands your needs. With a Canadian web host, costs are transparent, easier to plan for, and often smaller than they would be with an international giant.

HostPapa for example is one provider whose shared hosting plans start at as little as $3.95 CAD per month, and presently you can sign up for their Business Plan at this same rate. It includes unlimited domains, unlimited disk space, domain registration and unlimited band width, not to mention essential features like Let’s Encrypt SSL and a starter website builder.

Safeguard Your Ability To Expand

There is so much potential in the Canadian startup sector so naturally you want your web host to be capable of supporting future growth. Upgrading your plan should be easy and hosts should provide incentives to do so. Companies ready to transition on to a Virtual Private Server for example should only pay for the features they use, and a reliable service provider will provide these scalable options. They’ll also offer add-ons for those in need of something specific outside their existing plan.

Consider The Strength Of A Host’s Customer Support Team

The conventional image of Canadian politeness is considered a positive in customer care circles; many web hosts have even received awards for their comprehensive, knowledgeable, and personable service.

It goes beyond niceties however; a customer support team based locally will be that much more in tune with your specific issues and external influences affecting their servers. Being from the same country as you, they’ll also have the right language and jargon to help walk you through what you’re struggling with.

Are you a Canadian business in search of a partner to help your online presence sky rocket? Look no further than a respectable, local Canadian web host to steer you closer to success.