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Four Technological Tools That Can Make Running Your Business Easier

Running a business, no matter how big or small, is a lot of work. Fortunately, it’s not quite as much work as it used to be thanks to technological innovations.

Technology makes it easy to keep track of important information without keeping massive file cabinets in the office, it makes remote work possible, and it even makes it easier for you to interact with customers.

The trouble is, there are tons of technological tools that claim to make running your business easier, but not all of them do. Here are four that are a must-have for all businesses.

Risk Management and Compliance

Risk management and compliance are both important concepts for all businesses because getting them right means you can increase and stabilize income, create smoother business operations, and you can even increase employee retention. The right software can make it easier than ever.

Not only can compliance and risk software enable you to keep track of important internal issues, the software today can also help support innovation instead of just safeguarding your business from potential legal and financial problems.

Financial Management Software

Money is what makes your business go round, but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy thing to manage. Every business can benefit from quality financial management software.

QuickBooks is the most popular, but there are a few other options out there. Financial management software is a must because it can:

  • Track income and expenses
  • Keep track of banking, credit card, and loan transactions
  • Help you manage invoices that are sent to and from customers and clients
  • Enable you to enter bills and print checks
  • Help you prepare payroll for each period
  • Keep track of important contact information for customers, vendors, and employees
  • And more

Freelance Websites

The world of work is changing. When once you had to employ someone part- or full-time, regardless of the scope of the project, today you can hire someone at the drop of a hat. You just have to know where to look!

There are quite a few freelance websites that enable you to find freelancers who can work for you as an independent contractor until the job is done. You can hire:

  • Web designers
  • Web content writers
  • Personal assistants
  • Tax planners
  • Transcriptionists
  • Translators
  • And more

Microsoft Applications

Having Microsoft applications is a no-brainer if you have a PC, but you should have some Microsoft applications even if you’re using a Mac. Most people use and share Word and Excel documents, which means your computer should accommodate both.

Microsoft offers many different kinds of programs, but that doesn’t mean you need them all. Skip PowerPoint if there’s no need for it in your daily operations. You may even be able to skip the Windows operating system, depending on your particular computer and how technologically savvy you are.

Don’t be afraid to give a new tool a try. It may take a little time to learn the ins and outs of new technology, but new innovations now and in the future will make running your business easier and easier.