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Gamers are simply going to love this untold story – The Advantages of Gaming!

Samantha warned Nick, her 5 year little kido, to immediately  turn off the mobile game, else she would complain to his Dad and then, Dad will ‘teach him a lesson’! Unfazed by her remarks, Nick continued his Car chase, “ Mom, just two mare stages and I shall beat my previous best…”

Mom was unimpressed, she didn’t cared about the scores and standings of a stupid mobile game; she was more concerned about the eyes and health of his kido. It was well over two hours and Nick has not done anything except facing the mobile screen and murmuring and shouting “Yes… No… Oh…” every now and then. She was about to scream wildly at Nick, when Dad entered the scene. Nick sensed the Savior in Dad, who was experienced enough to  understand the situation and more importantly, smart enough to handle it aptly..!

“I will take care of Kido, you just prepare some snacks and shall have a lil family party..” Samantha reluctantly stepped towards kitchen as Nick looked at his Dad admirably; he was then quick to concentrate back to the Car chase. After all, he was about to beat his previous best!

“What’s the score…?… Ah… final stage… yes common Kido…” Mom signed helplessly as she understood that it is useless to reason with them. “Like Father, like son…” she muttered to herself, before entering the living room with snacks and then reluctantly joining them…

It won’t be hard for anyone to identify with above situation. Though, it is a created act, yet, it do reflects the emotions and dilemma of a family and also, the problem of computer and mobile gaming addiction that the world faces today. Although, it looks like there is nothing appreciable about electronic gaming, yet, we would attempt to put the brighter side, or framing it more aptly, the other side of the gaming, which, most of you have not observed. This article is exquisitely dedicated to the unseen and unaddressed advantages of gaming!

Gaming Improves Concentration – If you are worried about your child spending hours continuously on TV, computer or mobile screen playing his/her favorite game, then you would be happy to know that this activity could indirectly help him or her in their studies. Indulging in anything continuously is a simple sign of concentration. If a child is spending hours on gaming, you should appreciate the fact that he has got a natural tendency to concentrate. Now, you first need to learn to appreciate this gifted feature of your child and then sensibly try to motivate him to concentrate in studies, in the same way as he is doing on gaming. It might sound more easily said than done but as a parent, you surely have the capacity to understand the emotions and behavior of your child; after all he is your offspring!  Just think about it and try to resolve this situation tactfully and sensibly.

Gaming is a Great Stress Buster – This is scientifically proven fact. Different researchers have been continuously made to study the effect of gaming on different people and all of them have unanimously stated that gaming acts as a great source or mode of fighting stress. Anyone, who is stressed or had a bad day would be able to re energize himself or herself by just playing his/her favorite game for an hour or two.

Gaming has got Nostalgic Value – Lots of people complain that getting addicted to machines and gadgets would alienate the user and retard his emotions. But the research says otherwise. It has been found that with certain exceptions, the Gamers who spend more time playing games have comparatively more emotional quotient than a normal person. This conclusion is attributed to the fact that most of the people play a game that has got some kind of nostalgic value. They are able to identify something emotional with a certain game and hence they get attached and connected to that particular game.  However, this does not profess addiction to gaming. It is good to play a certain game for certain period of time but addiction of anything, including gaming, is always going to have much more hazardous effects than benefits.

Gaming is Money! –  The world gaming has expanded tremendously in the last decade or so. The potential of gaming is such that its commercial scope too has expanded substantially. There is scope for profession in the technical aspects of gaming that includes their development, management, marketing, testing and much more. Apart from it, lots of online games nowadays organize tournaments, both at local as well as global level and they have good cash prizes and for winners and also for other participants. There are lots of cards game like live blackjack , where one could play and participate on a regular basis and earn decent money. Some people have become professional in different games and they earn a good living out of it. The scope of earning in gaming depends on individual potential and ability.

Conclusion – We sincerely hope that Samantha has learned a few unaddressed and unexplored advantages of gaming through this article. It is well understandable that addiction to gaming is surely going to be hazardous for health. However, at the same time, Samantha also needs to understand that we live in the world of technology and gadgets and hence we need to adapt ourselves accordingly.  If Samantha wants to ensure that Nick enjoys his life and at the same time pays attention to his studies and health, then she would first need to understand the psychology of a child. There is a reason that her husband too is interested in gaming. You have to accept the fact that there is something nice about gaming and once Samantha understands this fact, and starts to enjoy and appreciate the world of gaming, she would be in a better position to advise his child on this subject. At the same time, she would also be able to occasionally enjoy the amazing world of gaming!